UK and European Links

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The main UK Horse Societies and Associations

British Eventing

The British Horse Society

The British Equestrian Federation

The Association of British Riding Schools

The Pony Club

British Dressage

British Horse Racing Board

The British Bloodstock Association

The British Equine Veterinary Association

The National Farmers Union

UK sites

Bloodhound and Drag Packs

The East Anglian Bloodhounds: WWW.EABH.CO.UK

The Borders Bloodhounds:

Masters of Drag Hunting and Bloodhounding (for a list of the member hunts go to

The Kyre Bloodhounds

North East Cheshire Drag Hunt:

The Llynfi Vale Drag Hounds:

Fox Hunts

Masters of Foxhounds Association:

Janet George's site on hunting, continually updated:

The Independent Supervisory Authority for Hunting:

The Countryside Party:

Old Norris' Foxhunting pages:

The Countryside Alliance:

Ashford Valley Foxhounds:

Berwickshire Hunt:

The Braes of Derwent fox hunt:

The Easton Harriers on-line:  

Jedforest Hunt:

The Kincardineshire Hunt - a private pack of hounds in Scotland. The area hunted is in the North East of Scotland

New Forest Foxhounds:

North Cotswold Hunt:

Dumfriesshire Hunt:

The Isle of Wight Beagles and Liam's Hunting Directory:

The Isle of Wight Foxhounds:

Spooner's & West Dartmoor Foxhounds:

Zetland Hunt:

Burghley Direct: an excellent web site where you can enter events, check on your times and look up the past history of horses and riders:

British Eventing:

DRESSAGE : the official site for the British Dressage Association

POLO : just in case your current horse habit is not expensive enough...

The British Showjumping Association:

RACING & POINT TO POINT : the official site for the British Bloodstock Agency : "the original home of point-to-point on the internet" : the official site

Bloodhound Sites
Another route through to information on bloodhounds and the Coakham Bloodhounds in particular (the original Coakham Bloodhound site):

The Association of Bloodhound Breeders:

General Information

Trouble loading your horse? Click here:

The Winchester Riding Club:

Civil Service Riding Club:

A farriers information site:

Irish sites
Skilfully made videos of two Irish hunts, the Scarteen: Black and Tan and the Limerick Harriers:

Excellent venue for drag and fox hunting in the Galway region and riding holidays:

Find your next Irish horse at Flowerhill:

The Dunraven Arms Hotel, an excellent centre for hunting in the Limerick region (nine hunts including the Scarteen, Duhallow and Limerick Harriers), all arranged for you:

General information on Irish riding holidays:

Horse sales for the brave:

Belgium a Belgian based horse site

The official French hunting site: - another French hunt site, Le Rallye Bas Du Buo

Dr Bernd FM Romeike has launched a new site, dedicated to draghunting in Europe.

The site is mainly in German, but has an extensive and very informative English language International section. I contacted Dr Romeike to see whether it would be possible to visit the hunts, and in particular whether it would be possible to hire horses, as we are barred from hunting in the UK. He says that the availability of horses is usually very limited, as they tend to travel around with their own horses. However he has made a posting on the site suggesting that every drag hunt that has horses for rent should indicate this and he is putting the information up on his site. He also says the cap is usually between 20 and 100 deutschmarks and hotel rooms are usually between 40 and 250 deutschmarks.

The Dutch Bloodhound Club:

Hungary - horse riding holiday in Hungary

Italy an international horse site based in Italy.

Horse portal/search sites   A UK site full of links and items for sale   A UK hunting portal site full of links : For a very full list of horse and hunting sites

Kick On - UK news site with a strong racing and eventing focus

Equiweb - UK site packed full of horse related information and links

The Equestrian - UK site with news and products (and link to an Irish equivalent)

Equisearch - huge US site with news and products

Haynet - US site with more links than even the most dedicated surfer can ever need.

Dressage and combined training links:

World Wide Warmbloods - another mass of links, if your phone bill can stand it