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Ellerslie Camperdown Hunt Victoria, Australia: a non-commercial directory of Australian web sites

Bethany Hills Frontenac Hunt

Fraser Valley Hunt

New Zealand - New Zealand hunting site - The Waimate Hunt - NZ - Central Otago Hunt

South Africa the new official site for the Cape Hunt and Polo Club in Cape Town, South Africa. Information on theclub and detailed information on draghunting including stucture and etiquette. The site also includes hunting pictures of the Western Cape

United States
US hunting sites

The Masters of Foxhounds Association of America: the governing body of organised fox, coyote and drag hunting in the United States of America and Canada: The one stop for houndsmen on the Internet John Elliott (an ex-master of the Southern Shires and Windsor  Forest Bloodhounds) is now in the US. He and his wife, Alex, offer fox hunting holidays in the US museum of hunting, international equestrian centre and racing in Virginia

Kingsbury Harriers, which hunt the Mojave Desert in California:

US bloodhound sites
Extreme Bloodhound Gear: Wear and use the gear that serious mantrailing handlers use!

A US site linking to The Bloodhound Bunch, The American Bloodhound Association and US breeder's sites. Go to The Bloodhound Network pages for links to clubs and organisations worldwide:

US bloodhound breeders/show site:

US site defining the breed:

National Police Bloodhound Association: