Peterborough Hound Show

Once again our hounds won the Bloodhound Championship at Peterborough Festival of Hunting. For the seventh time in ten years a Coakham hound won the Championship, this year it was Hemlock, winner of the Unentered Hound class.
A Coakham hound was placed in every class this year.

The results of our hounds were 

Unentered Dog 
1st Hemlock
2nd Halifax
3rd Haystack
Entered Dog
2nd Hector
3rd Hamlet
Unentered Bitch
3rd Sandwich 

Entered Bitch   
1st Dabchick

Stallion Hound  
1st Rhombus 
3rd Homer    
Brood Bitch  
1st Freda
3rd Rambler & Urchin

We arrived back about 10pm which made it rather a long day. Luckily we had a great team of helpers at the show Andy, Tracey & Jack and thanks to Lynda, Sarah & Graham for their help at home.

Champion Hemlock e.jpg (146kb) Championship contenders e.jpg (187kb) getting ready for the Couples class e.jpg (92kb)
Mr & Mrs Lucas & Mr Broughton e.jpg (127kb) Ally e.jpg (149kb) Andy & Locky e.jpg (132kb)
Dabchick e.jpg (140kb) Ferdinand & Halifax e.jpg (158kb) Ferdinand & Hamlet e.jpg (160kb)
Galley & Gwen e.jpg (133kb) Hamlet & Hector e.jpg (176kb) Haystack e.jpg (107kb)
Hector & Hamlet e.jpg (120kb) Hemlock & Halifax e.jpg (267kb) Jack & Freda e.jpg (114kb)
Rumba & Urchin e.jpg (96kb) Tadpole Gwen Freda e.jpg (161kb) Tracey & Homer e.jpg (130kb)