Photo Albums for the 2007 - 2008 Season

Celebrating 100 years at St. Michael's House, Wateringbury.

Holly Mack presents a framed inscribed picture of Coakham Bloodhounds to Maxine Magan, wife of Brigadier William Magan who is celebrating his 100th year in 2008. The Brigadier once served in Hodson's Horse regiment, part of the British Indian Army and commanded 4000 horses on Ceremonial Parade at Bolarum, India.  He and Maxine met at the Gymkhana Club.  He was also a famous Master of Foxhounds. 

October 14th: Hedge Jumping at the Bramwells

October 21st: The Opening Meet 1 , Opening Meet 2

November 3rd: 1 St Hubert's Day Meet, Montague from Mike Clapham

November 3rd: 2 St Huberts Meet, Montague from Chris Field


11th November: Attwood Farm Photo's - Chris's and Mike's and Garth's and Sue's

18th November: Bassett's Manor Photos: Mike's and Sue's

Sunday 25th November: Baron's Grange: Sue, Mike and Chris's photos

Pickney Bush: Chris's photos

Rickney: Sue's photos

Bassett's Manor Photos - Mike's and Sue's

Baron's Grange: Sue, Mike and Chris's photos

Firle Place: Chris's Photos

Austens Wood - Sue's photos

Sue's Brightling photos - including that drop hedge - and H&H says:
"Yes, the Horse and Hound would be very impressed with that hedge!! It's crazy!
Hope your season ended well.
Will Cursham ! "

Rose's snow photos from Benenden

And more snowy Benenden

Rose Perkins photos from the Ewe & Lamb meet

Mike's photos from Manor Farm

Chris Field's Photos:

Brookers Farm

Kitchenham Farm

Cornish Farm

The Ewe & Lamb

Folkington Place,

Bull Farm



St Mary's Farm

Ferry Inn, Stone - some delayed photos from Rose Perkins

Photos from Mill Farm - Chris Field's and Garth Baker's /

Plus Street Farm Meet in January.

Chris and Jo's Nurstead photos all in one album!

Chris and Sue's photos from Montague on Dec 28th

A very foggy Larkins Brewery: Chris's Photos and Sue's Photos

Baron's Grange Xmas Eve: Chris's Photos and Sue's photos