The 2006 - 2007 Season Photo Albums

The photos are slightly random so far this season as Sue is out with her camera, but still not able to get many to me. So, thank you to everyone else who is out with cameras - and keep them coming!
You Tube:
Dave Webb's excellent You Tube video library:


Mickey and his quad stuck in the mud at Larkins

Bassetts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYzpJqaS4As 

Frankham: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWw_y8lNVuM

Firle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkhSs0h8IT4

Hever video - 'More picturesque than action packed...Not a jump in sight' but still excellent!

Bookers Farm Meet, Penshurst: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3GsckkilMA

Plus the video from Quod Vide from the October 2005 meet at Caroline Richardson's farm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIegeWOU8SE

A test movie showing Robbie, Ruth and the Three Greys - Martin, Sally and Bill on board - jumping the drop hedge at Bassetts Manor - it will take a long time to load if you do not have broadband!

And test sound of Nic going 'No, No' No!"

Mike's photos from Austens Wood

St Mary's Farm, Falmer - photos

Nurstead - photos

Hole Park photos

Firle Place
- photos

Mike's pictures from Hever and Chris Field's Hever photos

Xmas Eve meet pictures are flowing in.
Mike Clapham' Xmas Eve photos CLICK here to view, and if you would like a high resolution print of any of them, contact Mike on mikeclapham@f2s.com:

Chris's Baron's Grange Xmas photos

Montague Xmas: Robbie shows Nic how it is done - and Super Pony gives the hurdle plenty of air!!


An excellent day at the Montague Children's Meet:
Master Clare was delighted with the meet, with well over 40 out including a horde of children, all of whom where buzzing with excitement all day and had great fun - especially galloping through the water on HorseEye.

Montague Xmas Meet photos. Julian Portch has sent in over 250 of his excellent photos! He has also kindly supplied them to me on disc to help raise hunt funds, so if you would like a disc of the whole lot, email me at jocarr@f2s.com - or send me a cheque for £11, made payable to Coakham Bloodhounds.

Montague Hunt 1
Montague Hunt 2
Montague Hunt 3

If you would like a proper print of just your photo from the original high resolution file, printed by Julian, email him at julianportch@hotmail.com.



Frankham preparations

The first batch of Frankham photos

Frankham Farm: Sue's pictures (and time Merlin and Splash got a bit of Home Page coverage for their sterling work leading over the hedges) If you would like a high resolution print of one of Sue's photos please email her at Wheelers@SlivericksStud.co.uk

PLUS: Chris's Frankham jumping photos

Frankham Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWw_y8lNVuM


Dave Webb has another excellent video up on you tube:

Plus Mickey and his quad stuck in the mud

Larkin's Brewery - the landing side of the drop holly: The Coakham Paparazzi is back - Sue's photos from Larkins. Three Cheers for Sue!!!! If you would like a high resolution print of one of Sue's photos please email her at Wheelers@SlivericksStud.co.uk.

Chris Field's photos of us jumping the Larkins drop holly into the lower water meadow.

Bassets Manor Photos

Colbrans Photos with thanks to Chris Field

Mike's photos from Attwood Farm

David Webb's photos from the Children's Farm Meet, Beckley

St Hubert's Day Photos from Chris and Sophie and Photos from St Huberts Day

Chris's photos from the opening meet at Cherry Croft

Heathfield Show and Bexhill Show Photos

Hound Exercise on a Bike

Kent County Show - photos - our team came joint third in the Hunt Relay - congratulations!

The Inaugural Coakham Gymkhana Photos and Results!