St Huberts Day Meet, Montague 2006

St Huberts Day Meet 2006 (80kb) Our host, Martin Hole, hands out the Whiskey Macs (75kb) Andy, one of our quarry for the day (44kb)
Yes  please, hic (46kb) Master Clare Miles (62kb) St Huberts 2006007.jpg (73kb)
The BBC camera team (43kb) Paul ready for a gallop (44kb) Sarah Lowe (47kb)
Master Roger and Whip Robbie (52kb) Whip Gundrada and Huntsman Nic (65kb) Hunt Chair, James Ramus (46kb)
Neil Ridge and his tame BBC camera crew! (86kb) Tracey and Sam (47kb) Alex with her BBC web cam (48kb)
Charlotte with her white freckles (43kb) Ready for the off (67kb) Master Clare presenting the prizes fro the highest amounts of sponsorship at the sponsored ride (62kb)
St Huberts 2006027.jpg (66kb) Sophie collecting her prize (58kb) Presenting the cheque to Cancer Research (68kb)
Blessing the Hounds (59kb) Simon (50kb) Kate (71kb)
Loose horse..... (115kb) St Huberts 2006040.jpg (70kb) St Huberts 2006042.jpg (47kb)
Gail (looking very serious) and Anne (74kb) Roger posing for the Coakham painting (33kb) A rather out of control version! (35kb)
That's better! (41kb) Richard and Howard (28kb) Shane (46kb)
St Huberts 2006051.jpg (51kb) Filming from Martin's landrover (54kb) St Huberts 2006054.jpg (52kb)
Robbie dozing! (94kb) Sue - out taking her first photo's since the accident - HURAH! (83kb) Sue in action (32kb)
St Huberts 2006059.jpg (58kb) Neil and his Green crew (71kb) Richard  (64kb)
Roger, Sue and Nic enjoy tea (62kb) St Huberts 2006063.jpg (60kb) St Huberts 2006064.jpg (50kb)