Bassetts Manor 2006

Enjoying a Whiskey Mac at the meet (70kb) Huntsman Nic and Master Clare (68kb)
Field Master Ruth and Merlin (46kb) Sue, out for a full day! (26kb)
Bassetts Manor 2006007.jpg (60kb) Master Clare (49kb)
Our host Francis Whetstone (62kb) Martin Wright discussing the hedges to come (62kb)
Anne and Bill (67kb) Angela, our esteemed Tea Lady, with the son of Hairy Mary! (121kb)
Jenny (72kb) Neil and Sam (88kb)
Sally (63kb) Bassetts Manor 2006016.jpg (72kb)
Our host, Francis Whetstone (70kb) Nigel Budd and his brave passenger! (66kb)
Alex on her mother, Joy Ramus's new endurance part bred arab (67kb) Niel, hoping his lorry has not sunck deeper into the old slurry pit back at the meet! (52kb)
Sam and dad, Chris Field (66kb) Ready for the second hunt, round Tye Farm (86kb)
Our hosts, Mr and Mrs Pothecary and family.  (90kb) Where are those hounds..... (62kb)
Nic and Robbie on foot, pulling back the pack who had gone off on a jaunt.... (94kb) Two more find there way back to the van (74kb)
Bassetts Manor 2006029.jpg (60kb) A stunning sunset, but one hound is still out there somewhere.... (27kb)